Why you Should Avoid Banana Soup

“We just need more customers!”

This is a phrase I often hear from business leaders.

I get it, it’s as simple as that. But it’s not simple, is it?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a silver bullet for generating more business, more sales, more revenue?

Just one recipe that’s certain to do the trick.

The bad news is that there isn’t. At least for most people and their businesses.

That’s where strategic planning comes in.

Let’s get one thing straight, strategic planning isn’t sexy.

But it does make a whole lot of sense.

When you think about it, taking the approach of ‘just getting more customers’ can be a bit like putting banana in a soup.

Have you ever tried banana in a soup? Do you think it’s a good thing to bet your business on?Chances are it’s not.

Launching straight into the kitchen and putting everything you can think of into a blender, hoping it’ll work together, is somewhat a risky strategy.

That’s where planning comes in.

A marketing strategy acts like a blueprint for your business.

If it’s done right, it’s your key to success.

It’s about looking at what you offer that nobody else does, what makes you special.

It’s about understanding the people that you want to attract to your business, and what they want from you.

And then it’s about pitching your product or service just right.

Sounds simple, right?

Well it’s not rocket science, but it will certainly get you thinking.

That’s what happens during the process of creating a marketing strategy.

Taking the time to step back.

Really think about your business.

And decide where you want to go with it.

A marketing strategy gives you the building blocks you need to get there.

It’s a plan of how to attract customers

What you need to do to encourage them to buy from you.

And why it’s important for growing your business.

Suddenly, that confusion which hung over you about how to grow your business finally lifts.

You’ll be doing less, but it’ll have a greater impact.

You can communicate a consistent message about your business.

Potential customers know what you do and why it’s a great fit for them.

And they want to buy from you.

So let’s not dump the entire contents of the fridge into a pot and serve it up.

Think about your ingredients, which combinations work well, and of course who’s going to eat it.

And enjoy cooking up a storm of a recipe that’ll taste as sweet as success.

Now get your pen and paper out and start writing!

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