Chaffington translation services

Reach more customers with translated content

I translate all manner of documents and texts, but I specialise in business-related content in technical fields including engineering and manufacturing. 

Examples of my work include:

  • Websites (content management systems and e-commerce)
  • Blog articles
  • Corporate literature (customer presentations, company overview statements etc.)
  • Products and services literature

I have a strong technical background, having worked in industries including refrigeration, mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing and construction. 

As an experienced marketer, I'm well equipped to deliver a translation which promotes your business and communicates your brand's personality. 

I spent a year living in France and Spain in addition to obtaining a BA Hons Degree in French and Spanish. I have studied translation techniques and I have a portfolio of translation work I can send on request. 

Spanish into English Translation

Do you need a business document translated from Spanish into English? 

I’m fluent in Spanish and being a native British English speaker, I can translate your Spanish text into perfect English. Having spent extensive time living in Spain, and with an in-depth understanding of business practices, I can take on a wide range of translation jobs including source text in LatAm Spanish. 

French into English Translation

Do you need a business document translated from French into English? 

I began learning French at age of 7, and have developed an immense love the language and all things French including the exquisite food and eclectic music. As a fluent speaker, I can translate your French text into perfect English thanks to my in-depth knowledge of the language.

Document Editing

Is your text too wordy? Doesn't quite make sense? Written by a non-native? 

I offer an English editing service where I will review and improve your text. I’ll enhance the quality of your writing in areas including information flow, style, grammar, punctuation and spelling. This might involve removing whole sentences or rewriting entire paragraphs, so of course you'll want to trust the person who will be doing this and know that they are going to do a good job. 

I'll use my expertise and sound judgement to transform your text into an engaging, creative, and uncomplicated piece of writing which is perfect for your audience. I have edited thousands of pieces of writing during my career, including press releases, web news articles, blogs, advertorials, web copy, brochures and much more.

Document Proofreading

Are you 100% confident in your writing? Perhaps you're not a native speaker and you’re worried how your mistakes will reflect on you and your business? 

Proofreading is best done by someone who didn't write the content so as not to miss any errors. I can provide a professional proofreading service where I will review and suggest changes so that there are absolutely no errors. 

I can proofread your press releases, web news articles, blogs, advertorials, web copy, and much more, checking for:

⇒ Spelling
⇒ Punctuation
⇒ Grammar
⇒ Incorrect use of words or ambiguity

"We have worked with Laura on several projects including translating our entire website and our customer presentations from Spanish into English. Having these sales tools translated is helping us to reach international customers, and they’ve already been helpful in acquiring new business for us. Laura is always responsive, she clearly indicates what to expect, gives useful insights, and delivers the work on time. We still have her as our main copy and translation collaborator and highly recommend her services."

Marcos Ametller, Insitus