Find the level of marketing support that works for you

So, you know you need help with marketing your business, but you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer mass of information out there and aren't sure how to get the results you want from your marketing efforts.  

You can choose from a range of marketing packages with varying levels of support to suit your specific circumstances. I'll help you understand how best to market your business, generate new ideas, focus your efforts in the right places, and get improved results with your budget.

You'll receive one-to-one guidance and support from an experienced marketing professional, based on your individual business, goals, and budget. There's no 'one size fits all' here, and you'll receive practical recommendations and refreshing ideas to inspire you to reach your marketing goals.  

To find out more about any of the support packages listed below or to talk about your specific needs, contact me for a no obligation chat.  

Marketing Planning

Marketing planning sessions help you see the big picture by stepping back and evaluating your current marketing activities before deciding on the best course of action to get you the results you're aiming for. 

We’ll spend 2 hours reviewing your current marketing activities, campaigns and efforts together, identifying what’s working and what isn’t (and why). We’ll discuss areas where you would like to achieve better results as well as your thoughts and ideas on future marketing activities or campaigns. After this session, I’ll send you a comprehensive report with recommendations for next steps to help you get to where you want to go.

Mini Marketing Plan

If you’re a smaller business, a mini marketing plan is a great way to get you on track quickly. It’s ideal if you want to keep things simple and get started straight away on marketing activities that'll have the greatest impact on your bottom line. It's suited to smaller businesses with limited marketing resources and a desire to grow. 

We’ll spend half a day together identifying how we can best use marketing opportunities to help you achieve your business objectives. Afterwards, you’ll receive a mini marketing plan document with a detailed list of recommendations, quick fire ways to measure marketing success, and an action plan so you can get started right away.

Marketing Boost

This is a service which focuses entirely on results. We’ll review all your current marketing activities and how well these are performing against your goals or targets. We’ll then discuss each activity in detail, to identify how you can make these activities more effective and achieve better results.

Think of it like an inspection of your current marketing efforts. You’ll come away with a detailed action plan of things you can do straight away to get better results with your marketing budget. Great for getting your marketing efforts performing better. 

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is best for when you need a comprehensive overhaul of your marketing. It provides you with the insight and tools you need to deliver effective, well-considered marketing activities that drive your message to the people you're targeting and enable you to meet your business' objectives. 

We’ll spend up to two days together where we’ll discuss all things that impact your marketing. We’ll talk about your competitors, your commercial offering, your strengths and weaknesses, your target markets and much more. Afterwards, you'll be given a strategic marketing plan for your business with a full overview of your market and target audience, key strategies to keep your marketing focused, and detailed actions to help deliver the strategies. An implementation plan will help you ensure your marketing strategy doesn’t sit on a shelf gathering dust, by detailing actionable tasks and defined timescales so you can implement your strategy effectively.  This is ideal for larger businesses with big growth ambitions.

Marketing Mentor

Following the delivery of your marketing plan, you can choose to retain me for 12 months to regularly review your marketing activities and keep your strategy on track. It's vital to maintain momentum with implementing your strategy, so this service will help you do exactly that. 

We’ll meet or speak regularly to review your progress, marketing activities and results, any problems you’ve encountered and how to manage changing circumstances – like technology, markets, or resources. I'll follow up each session with notes and a recommendation report to help you to continue to make progress towards your objectives and targets.

Marketing Management

This is the perfect choice when you need someone to take the reins for all your marketing delivery. I support your business by planning and overseeing the actual delivery of your marketing plan or strategy. This is the ideal support package for businesses that don’t have a marketing person, or where they do but that person has a joint marketing role. You'll have access to my skills, knowledge, and professional network as part of a comprehensive support package without having to employ a Marketing Manager. 

We'll discuss the goals you want to achieve and identify how to get there with projects and/or campaigns. We'll plot this against a timeline so you know what's happening and when. This approach also enables you to keep control of budgets; you'll know what will be spent and when. Planning you marketing and communications will give your business structure and bring about clarity in what you're trying to achieve, making it much more likely you'll achieve those goals. 

"Laura has excellent insight into our customers’ perspectives. Through various projects, she’s really stepped up our marketing with noticeable results. Laura consistently delivers a high quality service."

Mark Woods, Space Engineering Services