What is Content Marketing? 4 Key Principles To Remember 1

Content marketing may not be something you’ve heard of, but it’s almost certainly something you’ve experienced first-hand. The traditional method of marketing was to shout about your company from as many places as possible to as many people as possible, whether they might be interested in what you have to offer or not.

These days, businesses need to be smarter than that to secure customers. Savvy consumers have learnt to ignore or simply bypass many traditional marketing tactics, such as advertising, whether on or offline.

Here’s where content marketing comes in.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, (yes, there’s an institute for it):

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action."

So what actually is content marketing?

Content marketing is about providing prospective customers with something that’s useful, which also acts as a marketing tool for your business. Content marketing can be created in many different formats, which is great because you can use the format which best suits your message, your product or service, and those you’re trying to attract. Here are just a few examples of content marketing to get you thinking:


Print publications



Visual content such as infographics

Social media interaction

These are probably forms of information that you’re exposed to everyday, and you may not even realise that it's marketing.

So, are you ready to try content marketing for yourself? Here are four key principles you should remember:

1. It must provide useful information

The underlying principle of all content marketing is very simple. It must be useful. You must give real value to those that read and consume your marketing. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience – would you find it beneficial? If not, then keep working on it.

2. It takes time and, yes, money

Content marketing involves planning, creativity, and, yes, money. But there are ways to achieve it on a budget. And in fact because so much content marketing is digital, there are no printing costs to consider. But instead, you should invest in the expertise of a competent marketer who can write your content in a way that reflects your business accurately, will attract your target audience, and gives real value.

3. It’s should be fun and appealing!

Content marketing may be different form traditional marketing, but it’s also more fun to create. If your customers enjoy reading/consuming it, they'll feel more connected to your brand, product or service, and be more likely to buy from you. It’s about marketing with your audience in mind, so get creative and think outside the box. You can even ask your customers what they would find useful to give you some ideas.

4. It’s here to stay

The phrase ‘content is king’ was coined for a reason. There’s no escaping it people, content marketing is a massive part of marketing these days. Businesses must embrace the challenge of creating value for customers, or risk being left behind as the competition steps in front. 

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