About Chaffington


I’m Laura, a marketing fanatic and a seasoned linguist. I'm based 30 mins from Leeds in the Yorkshire market town of Skipton. Despite loving where I live, I'm somewhat addicted to travel, so I'm lucky enough to work with clients throughout the UK, Europe and the US.

Why I do what I do

After 8 years in employed marketing positions, I set out solo in 2014 to work in different industries and with a greater variety of businesses. I wanted to help more than just one business at a time, as I know having the correct marketing skills can really make it or break it for small businesses. My aim is to help those businesses that lack marketing know-how, so that they can achieve their goals with my advice, guidance and hands-on support. 

International capabilities

My other passion is languages, which have always played an important part in my life. I have a French and Spanish BA degree under my belt, and have spent considerable time in the two countries. It might seem an unlikely combination, but having both marketing and language skills enables me to deliver high-quality translation and copywriting services to international businesses, where being an English native speaker and writing persuasively are imperative.